Not okay.

What feelings?


Constellation Blanket

Crafted out of organic cotton and flannel, this blanket will grant you intergalactically brilliant naps. Use on your bed, sofa, recliner, or anywhere else. The top side of the blanket shows images of stars, connected with lines where constellations are formed. Sold on Etsy.

October 8th, 2014

Only depend on yourself.

Eventually all these negative feelings turn into numbness.

Scared to see people because they’ll be disappointed that I’m not “myself.”

October 8th, 2014

& you think that one day, it’ll all be over.

Because when I do admit it, it makes it real. Because when I do admit it, no one does anything anyway. Because when I do admit it, it’s supposed to be okay.

Why does it have to be all at once?

Sometimes you do things you regret for the wrong reasons.

The problem is always me.